About Winchest Midwest…


WinchestMidwest actually started as an idea one cold, Midwest February afternoon. Jared Padalecki had been due in Chicago, IL to attend Fangoria, an annual horror movie convention, when he had to pull out at the last moment due to a shooting conflict. In his absence, the Supernatural gathered anyway; meeting online friends in the flesh, making new ones, and generally having a wonderful time talking about the show they all loved - Supernatural.


That gave me an idea. What if we all got together in a more structured format. We could watch episodes together, discuss ideas for where we thought the show was heading, drink purple nurples and discuss the fandom. It would be all about connection; knowing you were in a room filled with people who loved the same things you loved. Talking online is one thing, but there is something about sharing your squee face-to-face that makes the connection deeper.


There are other fan-run SPN conventions out there and some of them skew towards a specific topic. Fanfic, for example, is discussed at WinchestMidwest, but it isn't the only topic. WinchestMidwest is for every fan of the show. I want everyone to feel like that have something to both give and take from WinchestMidwest, that's why our topics include standard panels like fanfic and group discussion, but also challenge you to learn new things, like graphics or fanvids. We want to celebrate as much of fandom as we can and include as many people as we can.


If you have an idea for a panel - let me know. The schedule is constantly changing and we love it when people decide to lead a discussion topic or give a tutorial on how to make icons. Every one is our fandom has something to give - their ideas, their theories, their enthusiasm about the show. We want to share it all with you.


I want to introduce you to the main organizers:


I'm Andie (ant3ka on LJ). I've organized WinchestMidwest for the past five years and can't wait to do it for a fifth. It's a lot of work, putting this all together, but it's always worth the effort. Of course, I couldn't do it alone.


This is Tara (trillian276709 on LJ). She has brilliantly run the "Where Do We Go From Here?" panel for the past five years and has another awesome installment ready for this years event. She also designs all the bumps between WinMid panels.

This is Theresa (gonturan on LJ). She does most of the grunt work involved in choosing a hotel and is also our AV tech guru. In the past she has run (sometimes with very short notice) the Urban Legends panel and also designs the name badges and lanyards that all attendees will receive.

It really does take a village, though, and this year will include half a dozen other people running behind the scenes. Every year we try to go bigger and better - and this year is no exception. I hope you decide to join us, it's going to be an amazing time!!