WinchestMidwest 2015 Madison, WI…

ConventionAs one of the event organizers, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 8th Annual WinchestMidwest Supernatural Fan Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. This year's conference will bring together Supernatural fans from all across the US, gathering together to celebrate our enjoyment of the show and to connect with fellow fans. An outstanding group of individuals has been assembled to present and discuss different aspects of the show.

Convention Dates...
April 18-19

Just what can you expect from a weekend at WinchestMidwest?
Here are some of the panels we currently have lined up!!

Flip to the Back of the Book
The spoiler panel is always a fun time. trillian276709 rounds up all the spoilers floating on the web into a can't-miss hour of speculation.

From Script to Screen - A Comparison of How a Scene Looks On The Script Page Versus What Shows Up On Our TVs
This year's script is "Bloodlines" The spin off that never quite span off.